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Worn Land Exhibition – Perth, Western Australia

In 2014, Nicky was invited to be involved in a Residency in the Pilbara by FORM WA, an independent, non-profit cultural organisation that develops and advocates for excellence in creativity and artistic practice in Western Australia. Nicky was based in Port Hedland with three other Victorian Jewellers.  She spent several weeks in Port Hedland on two occasions during the year immersing herself in the country and working with some indigenous artists based at the Spinifex Hill Studio, Port Hedland.  She ran workshops for indigenous artists and other local community members investigating  and using natural, found, local materials in the making of jewellery. She extended her time in WA and travelled the west coast exploring the land and admiring the natural wonders of the west.  As a result of this fabulous experience she, and the three other jewellers, have developed work for an exhibition called “Worn Land” to be displayed in FORM’s newly created project space called the Goods Shed, in Claremont.

The exhibition runs from 22 September 2016 to 17 November 2016.

To the right are some of Nicky’s pieces in the exhibition.  The full gallery of pieces can be viewed here.

Photography for FORM WA by Andrew Barcham.